Inspired Living

The rosewood. A towering symbol of the majesty, glory and strength of nature; a welcoming landmark exuding warmth. This gift of the rainforest was transported long ago from its jungle home, and found a place in our hearts, beloved for its hardy, dignified beauty. The soaring titan calls for attention with its grandeur and blushing pink blooms that adorn its branches like strings of sparkling jewel, so arresting and breathtaking. And within, its exquisite, enduring wood is highly sought after as the epitome of luxury. This is our inspiration.

The spirit of the rosewood is imbued here at The Rosewoodz @ Bukit Jalil. A haven for the body. A sanctuary for the mind. A treat for the senses. Urban living with all its conveniences enveloped within a serene cocoon of lush nature, rejuvenating spaces and leisure areas.